Quote1 Well this blows. Quote2
-- Madame Rapier's last words src

Madam Rapier was The Golem's best assassin, and right-hand woman. She was deadly with a sword, and often carried pistols as well.[2]

She accompanied The Golem's shipment of African bloodstones from the smuggling ship, and ran into The Hood, who managed to escape with half of the stones, despite the efforts of The Golem's hired goons, Constrictor, Shocker, and Jack O'Lantern.[3]

When The Hood wanted to meet to return the stones in exchange for The Golem leaving him alone, Rapier met with him at Coney Island, with the goon squad watching nearby. Robbins was able to turn the tables on her, and managed to get her to wear a fake red hood like his just before the FBI Agents he tipped off showed up. When Rapier refused to drop her pistol, they shot and killed her, thinking that she was the same "Hood" who had killed a NYPD officer at the docks.[1]


Rapier sword and guns.

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