Early Life

Izzy Sinclair's biological parents, and the circumstances of her birth, are unknown. She was adopted by a married couple named Les and Sandra Sinclair, and grew up in the english town of Stockbridge.[1] At age 8, her parents told her she was adopted. Upon hearing this, Izzy started becoming more emotionally withdrawn, and full of self-doubt. Growing up, Izzy was very interested in science fiction, and she liked to console herself by imagining she was a lost alien princess, and that someday her real parents would return for her.

Meeting the Doctor

At age 17, Izzy was not just a science fiction fan, but also an amateur paranormal investigator, mentored by local UFO enthusiast Maxwell Edison. Both Izzy and Maxwell soon found themselves caught up in the scheme of a powerful being known as the Celestial Toymaker, who had trapped Stockbridge in a pocket dimension, and turned all the residents into dolls. Fortunately, Izzy and Maxwell had avoided this fate by having coincidentally been out of town at the time. Not long after returning to where their town used to be, they encountered (and aided) the heroic time traveler known as The Doctor, who ended up defeating the Toymaker, saving Stockbridge, and returning the people back to normal. Thankful for the help, the Doctor offered to let the two join him as travelling companions on board his time machine, the TARDIS. Izzy, inspired by her deep love for science fiction, accepted, and ended up becoming one of the Doctor's most reliable (and enthusiastic) allies.[2] Despite initially finding her new life of time traveling to be very dangerous and harsh, she eventually adapted, and felt her self-confidence slowly growing over time.



Strength level

Izzy possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in regular exercise.


As a companion of the Doctor, she travels with him through time and space in his TARDIS.

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