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Isaiah Ross was Black Widow's lawyer and manager, and also found her contracts as part of her atonement for her past.[1] Isaiah would also take care of Natasha's cat Liho whenever she was out of the country.[2]

Ross was kidnapped by Rashid on behalf of the organization Chaos,[3] but he was eventually rescued by Natasha.[4]

When Chaos exposed Black Widow on the media, Ross arranged to meet her in her apartment. As he was trying to feed Liho, Rashid approached him from behind and shot him.[5] Isaiah survived the attack and was hospitalized. Now that she was compromised, Isaiah let Natasha stay in his brother's house upstate, hoping she would use the opportunity to lay low for a while.[6]

Soon after Black Widow faced Chaos and killed their leader, she decided to retire, and bid farewell to Isaiah, wishing him well for his future.[7]

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