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Isca was one of the many mutants who resided on Okkara. To celebrate the birth of her sister’s four children, Isca forged the Scarab, a mighty sword in four parts, and gifted it to her brother-by-marriage, Apocalypse. The Scarab was seen as a symbol of the Genesis line of Okkara.[1]

When the mutants of Okkara warred with the Amenthi Daemons, Isca, seeing that Okkara's fate was doomed, betrayed her kind and joined Annihilation's army. Since her power was to always win, she was compelled to be on the winning side, no matter the pain she brought to her family.[2]

Thousands of years later, after Genesis had returned to Arakko from a years-long crusade, Annihilation ordered Isca to send a message to her sister that she could save Arakko if she beat the dark god in a duel to the death. The offer was a trap; Genesis won the duel, but realized that she would be condemned to take up the Golden Helm of Annihilation and merge with the dark god, leading to Arakko's final defeat and its subjugation under Amenth. This allowed Isca to re-unite with her family and their people, as they all now fought for Annihilation and Amenth. [3]

The Battle of Swords

Isca had changed colors after abandoning the side of Annihilation

Following Genesis merging with Annihilation, Isca joined the Swordbearers of Arakko to fight against Krakoa's champions in the Ten of Swords contest.[4] After the banquet[5] Isca was set to fight Captain Britain. Isca was declared the winner when Betsy's sword and body shattered into pieces.[6] Following that, Isca alongside her teammates took part in other challenges all of which she won.[7] However, Krakoa managed to close the gap, and won the final tie-breaking challenge, which caused Annihilation to summon all of her army to conquer Krakoa once and for all. Although victory seemed assured, the Krakoan swordbearers were soon joined by the reformed X-Men, Captain Britain Corps, and the Vescora, turning the tide against Amenth. Isca's powers compelled her to defect to Krakoa's side.[8]

Arakko on Earth

Following the tournament, Isca was sent through the External Gate along with the rest of her people and the island of Arakko to Earth. She was greeted on her island by Magneto & Professor X with the gift of a Krakoan flower to symbolize the unity of their two nations. After a brief discussion of how both islands were run, by whom, and the fact that humans still exist, she deemed them children running a children's government. She explains that thousands upon thousands of years of war in Amenth has hardened the Arakki and shaped them into true warriors. She rejects their ways of peace, but promised to discuss their offer of unity with her fellow members of the Great Ring of Arakko. Until then, Isca warned them to stay on their sheltered island with their flowers.[9]

During the Hellfire Gala, Isca provided three omega level mutants to give aid to Magneto so he could terraform Mars for Arakko. Once the planet was made suitable for people to live on, Isca alongside the rest of Arakko, using the External Gate, moved to Mars.[10]


Isca is exceedingly self-confident, no doubt due to the fact that she knows she will always win. Like most other Arakki mutants, she is a hardened warrior who respects power and strength above all other things. She appears to have a playful side, as she indulged Magik and Cable's request to demonstrate her powers by participating in a string of silly games and challenges.

Powers and Abilities


Isca demonstrating her unbeatability

Isca is an omega-level mutant with the following power:[8]

  • Tychokinesis: Isca has the power to always win, no matter what.[3] This includes both individual one-on-one contests and larger battles where she is a member of a team or army. In contests of chance, probability is manipulated in her favor. In contests of skill, her powers may give her the talents she needs to win, or she may win by improbable circumstances. In larger battles or wars, her power have compelled her to defect from the losing side and join the winning side, so she could personally win at the expense of her compatriots.[6][7][8]
    • Limited Shapeshfting: Isca's power to always win also affects her body, seemingly altering her appearance slightly in order to help her fit in. When she joined Annihilation's demonic army her body became covered in occult symbols,[3] and when allying with the X-Men her skin and hair changed to a heroic gold.[8]
  • Advanced Longevity: Like her sister Genesis, nieces and nephews, Isca is several thousands of years old.[1]


Various abilities: because of her power, Isca is capable of surpassing anyone's skills.[11]



  • Isca's Armor: Isca the Unbeaten wore an orange armor with a circular symbol.[3]


  • Mercy: Isca wields a blade named Mercy.[4]


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