Isca was one of the many mutants who resided on Okkara.

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To celebrate the birth of her sister’s four children, Isca forged the Scarab, a mighty sword in four parts, and gifted it to her brother by marriage, Apocalypse. The Scarab was seen as a symbol of the Genesis line of Okkara.[1]

When the mutants of Okkara warred with the Amenthi Daemons, Isca, seeing that Okkara's fate was doomed, betrayed her kind and joined Annihilation's army. Since her power was to always win, she didn't want to be on the losing side, no matter the pain she brought to her family.[2][1]

After Genesis had returned to Arakko from a years-long crusade, Annihilation ordered Isca to send a message to her sister that she could save Arakko if she beat the dark god in a sword combat to death.[2]

Following Genesis becoming Annihilation, Isca joined the Swordbearers of Arakko to fight against Krakoa's in the Ten of Swords contest.[3] After the banquet, [4] Isca was set to fight Captain Britain. Isca was declared the winner when Betsy's sword and body suddenly started shattering and dropping in bits.[5]


Isca demonstrating her unbeatability

Isca demonstrating her unbeatability

Isca is an omega-level mutant[6] with the following power:

  • Tychokinesis: Isca has the power to always win, no matter how.[2]
  • Advanced Longevity: Just like most of the Arakkii mutants, Isca possessed advanced longevity being thousands of years old.[1]


  • Isca's Armor: Isca the Unbeaten wore an orange armor with a circular symbol on.[2]


  • Mercy: Isca wields a blade named Mercy.[3]

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