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Origin and early years

Ishiti was a daughter of Set,[2][3][4] and his snake-goddess and snake-demoness.[2][1]

She begat the Man Serpents,[3][4] the Snake-People,[5][1] and (possibly only metaphorically) all of the serpents.[2]

Hyborian Age

Ishiti was prayed to by Eshe Lon, a wizard she considered a faithful servant.

When Eshe's daughter, Pelija, was captured and condemned to the pyre for the murder of her lover Ranj (whom Eshe had killed to keep Pelija by his side), Eshe Lon prayed to Ishiti, who was unable to save her as she was instants from her death. Ishiti produced an asp who bit Eshe, then stopped time for all but the serpents and those who had serpent venom in their veins. Ishiti also gave him a dose of antidote. On the site of the execution, Eshe was unable to save his daughter, but encountered Conan who had himself been bit by a pit viper instant before. Conan helped Eshe in exchange for the antidote to the venom, but Eshe used the only dose on himself while his hand in Ranj's death was revealed by Pelija. Feeling betrayed by Eshe Lon, who acted for his own selfish needs only, Ishiti appeared, raptured Eshe, cured Conan of the venom killing him, and disappeared.[2] back to her hidden depths with Eshe.[5]


Ishiti was not without compassion. She would intervene to help her servants, but would punish those to trick her for their own needs.[2]



Chronokinesis: Ishiti could stop time for all creatures and inanimate objects, save for her children the serpents and any creature who had serpent venom running in its vein.[2]



  • Ishiti possessed the antidote to the venom of serpents.[2]


  • It was hypothesized that Athena's curse upon the Gorgon sisters (Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa), granddaughters of Set, revealed their true nature, as their snake-like features were shared with their aunt Ishiti (and her Man-Serpents spawn).[6]

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