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Like all other Eternals, Ishta was created on Earth by the Celestials one million years ago.[1]

At some point, Ishta came to believe that the Second Principle that compels the Eternals to protect the Machine should be broadly interpreted in a way that includes prioritizing human welfare over Eternal welfare. Two other Eternals who shared this belief were Dumuza and Utunaa. All three may have been inspired by the Eternal known only as the Forgotten One,[2]

Less than 10,000 years ago, Ishta, Dumuza, and Utunaa joined the Forgotten One to form the group known as the Forgotten. Aside from protecting humans from threats, these human-centric radicals have also taken it upon themselves to act as a deterrent to Eternal abuse of humanity. All four have removed themselves from the Uni-Mind,[2] in part because of their rejection of Eternal society, but also because they know that, if they were to ever participate in a Uni-Mind, the other Eternals would take the opportunity to mindwipe them.[3]

Recently, when the Resurrection Machines were damaged by an unknown party, Sersi, Ikaris, Thena and Kingo Sunen suspected that the Forgotten One might be responsible because he had sabotaged those systems once before. Accordingly, they set a trap by provoking the Forgotten One into attacking Sersi at a location in New York City. Once he had shown himself, Ikaris grabbed him and quickly flew him to a deserted area a safe distance away from the city where Thena and Kingo Sunen ambushed him and chained him up. After Sersi had joined them, the four Eternals talked with their captive and concluded that he was not responsible. The Forgotten One then pointed out that, while he had fallen into their trap, they had also fallen into a trap. At that moment, the Forgotten One's captors noticed that three of them had been painted by red dots from laser sights aimed at them by Ishta and the other two Forgotten from the nearby woods where they could be seen, partially hidden by stealth suits, targeting the captors with weapons that the Forgotten One claimed could really ruin their day. The Forgotten One then demanded to be freed or the others would open fire but, before any drastic action could be taken, the Forgotten One decided to cooperate in order to prove his innocence. The group of five then used the Machine's transit system to teleport to the Isolation, leaving the three other Forgotten behind so that they could kill the four if they double-crossed the Forgotten One.[2]

Once the crisis had been resolved and an election of the Prime Eternal was held, none of the Forgotten voted for either Zuras or Thanos because doing so would have required them to join the Uni-Mind.[3]



Eternal Physiology: Ishta is presumed to possess many of the conventional superhuman powers of the Eternals.


Among the Forgotten, Ishta specializes in underworld operations.[2]



Stealth suits that make them somewhat transparent but not fully invisible.


Unspecified handheld weapons capable of harming Eternals. Whether these are projectile weapons or directed energy weapons has not been made clear.


Teleportation (by their own power or via the Machine's transit system)

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