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Quote1.png She's divine, a goddess of sex and magic, and she's always known how to get what she wants. Desiring a child, she found Osiris' body and managed to get a rise out of him even though he was dead. Quote2.png
Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan[src]



Isis was one of the Ennead from the generation sired by Geb and Nut (themselves sired by Shu and Tefnut, children of Atum).[6]

Early years

As the goddess of fertility and domestication, Isis taught ancient Egyptian mortals the arts of medicine and domestication. She was also a powerful sorceress.[1] After her husband Osiris was murdered and dismembered by his jealous younger brother Seth, Isis used her sorcery prowess to reassemble her husband and bring him back to life. The gods Horus (Isis and Osiris' son) and Anubis (Osiris' son with Nephthys) were also instrumental in helping Isis resurrect Osiris. Although Isis' magic rose Osiris from the dead, her magic would have been useless had Anubis not specially prepared Osiris' body with funeral rites and mummy wrappings.[1]

Isis searching for Osiris' body parts

According to less credible sources, after Osiris' death, Isis desired a child, and consequently mated with Osiris' dead body and sired their son Horus.[5]

Hyborian Age

Isis' name was invoked during the Hyborian Age circa 10,000 BC, including by the Hyborian Athicus[7] and by Queen Bryn's Amazons.[8]


Isis' name was invoked at least circa 3300 BC.[9]

Third Host

In 1000 AD, the Third Host of the Celestials occurred, during which the aliens informed they would return 1,000 years later to judge Earth's right to continue existing. While the pantheons prepared for war, Gaea planned a peaceful solution to the problem with many goddesses, among them Isis.

For the next thousand years, they searched for humans representing mankind's highest ideals, to be offered to the Celestials as an offering. The goddesses placed the candidates in suspended animation, with their superhuman potential, the legacy of the First Host, awakened.[10]

Modern Age

Osiris , Horus and Isis were finally freed in modern times, where they encountered Thor and Odin. Osiris participated in the Ceremony of Rebirth which reincarnated Odin as Atum-Ra. Osiris aided Thor in defeating Seth.[11] ...[12]

Horus and Isis later attempted to ensure his rebirth during the equinox in New Orleans, where Satan was also trying to ensure the rebirth so he would gain power from it. Ultimately, Daimon Hellstrom prevented the resurrection of Osiris.[13][14]



Isis possessed a vast control over elemental forces, including the ability to restore life to the dead.[1][3]

She had enhanced speed, metahuman stamina and regenerative durability, superhuman agility, reflexes, and strength (class 10).[3]


She had above normal intelligence, with extensive knowledge of Egyptian magical lore, yet minimal fighting skills.[3]


  • Isis' symbol is the Disc.[1]


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