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A popular vacation spot in the Caribbean Sea, Isla Suerte is a tropical island whose main – and only – industry is tourism, catering to the wealthy with a series of resorts and casinos along its beaches. More forward thinking than most island-states with a likewise economy, Isla Suerte's government owns these facilities with the island’s citizens all owning shares in them. Thus, instead of the government being supported by the people’s taxes, the people are instead paid dividends by the government.

Nevertheless, the island's reputation as a playground for the rich and privileged earned it the ire of the Flaming Sword, an eco-terrorist group that doubled as an armed theft ring, which attacked with their super-powered agent, Firebrand. Fortunately, Stark Solutions was holding a conference for heads of the electronics industry to introduce its new web browser system, WebVoyager, and so Iron Man was on hand to battle and repel their raid.

It was also here that Stark met his romantic interest Rumiko Fujikawa, granddaughter of Stark Enterprises’ new owner.[2]

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