Sometime after being fatally defeated by Conan, the Devourer’s human incarnation, Acheron, awakened on a beach on one of the Islands of Pearl. Much to his surprise, he was both alive and human. Xuthl appeared to Acheron and explained that what destroyed the Devourer also saved him. The humanity the Devourer learned in his walk amongst the mortals was his crippling flaw in the battle with Conan. Using that flaw to destroy him was Xuthl’s plan all along. The Devourer’s demonic shell was destroyed by the magic blade in Conan’s hands thus the only part of the Devourer left for Xuthl to save was his human side: he took the liberty of restoring Acheron to his original form as a matter of professional courtesy. Xuthl flowed into a nearby bottle half buried in the sand, which Acheron promptly corked. Acheron wandered away, bottle in hand, telling the demon lord he intended to find a warm place in the sun.[1]

Over the years, Acheron almost completely forgot who he was. When Conan and his Free Companions docked at his island, he welcomed them and was instantly enchanted with Conan's ally Isparana. Later that night, some of Conan's crew ambushed him and took his bottle. As Jubal of Venzia burst into flames, Xuthl was released once more. The demon proceeded to incinerate several of the crewmen, but Acheron raised the bottle into the air, and Xuthl was pulled back into it. The bottle was corked anew, and under Conan's instruction, it was put in a sack, weighed down with rocks, and dropped into the Lake of Salts after they had set sail again. Acheron joined Conan and his crew, although the spirit of the Devourer rumbled just beneath his conscious mind.[2]


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