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The Isle of Agamotto is a secret location of Battleworld. It serves as Sheriff Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, a place for remembrance of his lost world, Earth-616.

Five years after the creation of Battleworld, Strange found a vessel of unknown origin and kept it in the Isle, fearing something of great consequence was inside it, but not knowing it was the bodies in stasis of the few other survivors of Earth-616.

Three more years later, another vessel was found in Utopolis: a "lifeboat" which had contained the only survivors of Earth-1610, the Cabal and the Maker. After the vessel had been exited and the Cabal were loose in Battleworld, Strange investigated it and discovered another passenger still on it, Spider-Man, who had infiltrated the "lifeboat." When Strange discovered the passengers of the lifeboat had been survivors of the final incursion, he took Miles and a Thor from the Thor Corps to the Isle of Agamotto, where they proceeded to open the other vessel and reveal the survivors of Earth-616: Spider-Man, Thor, Captain Marvel, Cyclops, Star-Lord, Black Panther, and Mr. Fantastic.

Strange explained to the survivors that they were on Battleworld[1] and explained how Battleworld was created by God Emperor Doom. Three weeks after the survivors were scattered all over Battleworld by Strange to protect them from Doom's wrath, an act that resulted in Doom killing Strange for treason,[2] Namor and T'Challa arrived at the island. They were able to pass the first door with the Eye of Agamotto, and were able to disarm the security golems using an old Illuminati passcode. Once inside, a recording of Stephen Strange stated that he hoped that is death had not been in vain. To whomever got in, he bequeathed two objects. The first was the Siege Courageous, a means of instant teleportation anywhere in the world. The second was an Infinity Gauntlet which granted the wearer unlimited power, but only in one area: the capital domain of Battleworld called Doomstadt. With these two objects, one could assassinate God Emperor Doom.[3]


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