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Isodyne Energy is an energy corporation that was active during the first half of the 20th Century. During World War II, a woman named Agnes Cully developed radar technology for Isodyne that put the company on the map. Cully later married the company's owner, Calvin Chadwick, and re-invented herself as the Hollywood actress "Whitney Frost."[1]

Following the War, Isodyne continued conducting atomic tests. One of these tests accidentally created a rift in the fabric of reality. The rift sucked in all of Isodyne's nearby personnel before exploding, leaving behind a mysterious liquid substance. Isodyne dubbed the substance "Zero Matter." Due to the substance's energy-absorption properties, Isodyne began working on a way to make Zero Matter an even more powerful alternative to atomic energy.[2]

Before Isodyne's research into Zero Matter could yield any results, Jane Scott, one of Isodyne's researchers (and Calvin Chadwick's mistress) died when she came into contact with the substance. Whitney Frost paid an LAPD detective to dispose of her corpse, but when the body was found in the middle of a frozen lake during a heat wave, Isodyne found itself under suspicion from the SSR.[3]

Due to the attention the company was getting from the SSR, Calvin Chadwick's superiors in the Council of Nine decided to pull the plug on Isodyne's research into Zero Matter. Whitney Frost refused to comply with the Council's wishes, and attempted to steal the substance herself. Her plans were foiled by Dr. Jason Wilkes, an Isodyne scientist working with the SSR, who had already taken the Zero Matter. Wilkes dropped the container of Zero Matter when she tried to wrestle it away from him. The Zero Matter reacted with the air and exploded, contaminating Whitney Frost and seemingly killing Jason Wilkes.[2] Whitney Frost and Calvin Chadwick covered up the explosion by framing Dr. Wilkes as a Russian spy.[1]

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