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The Isotope E was stolen by the Man-Beast after defeating the High Evolutionary.[1]

Joined by Quicksilver, the Heroes for Hire flew to Wundagore Mountain both to cure themselves and to protect the world from Isotope E, also wanted by the Acolytes.[2]

When the battle between the Heroes and Acolytes was going badly, with the majority of the heroes devolved, Quicksilver turned the Isotope E on himself, gaining great power.[3]
Once Delphis stabilized the Isotope, he gave it to the Evolutionary, offering him the chance to stabilize himself, making himself fully human once more. The Evolutionary then used the Isotope to transform the Man-Beast back into a wolf, with no memory of his life as the Man-Beast, stabilize the Heroes for Hire, and grant White Tiger's wish to become a white tiger, unaware of her existence.[4]

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