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During a science experiment demonstration, a spider dangled between its energy bulbs and was infused with radiation.[1] Said spider fell dying and bit Peter Parker, then Cindy Moon, both attending the demonstration. While Peter became superhero Spider-Man, Cindy was consigned to spending nearly a decade in a bunker hiding from a dire threat.[2]

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During an ESU science project under Curt Connors, the I.G.A. was used for lab work. However, the device was also a target for Taskmaster and Black Ant. Its security was preserve by Spider-Man, having been used on Peter Parker to duplicate himself and protect the student, the device, as well as his dual identity. However, Peter realized the device's separation of himself from his heroic personal was eventually deleterious to himself, so he used ingenuity to merge his two selves together. Upon completing the merge and tackling Mendel Stromm, the Accelerator was damaged beyond known repair.[3]

Curt Connor's Research

Following the attempted theft and subsequent destruction, Curt Connors rebuilt the device and continued to study the capabilities now mindful of the lethal side effects. One such instance of his studies showed a unique counteraction to his own Lizard mutation, elevating his research.[4] With progress made months after rebuilding the device, Connors was on the cusp of a breakthrough to make himself and his wife and son human once more to be in public again. However, Doctor Octopus and three sinister cohorts attacked his lab seeking the Lizard. With his inhibitor chip preventing his own self-defense, Connors was powerless to being split from his Lizard half from the Accelerator's activation, which joined Doc Ock's reforming Sinister Six. Afterwards, Peter Parker found the remorseful Connors and returned him to his home in the sewers, the doctor begging his student to warn Spider-Man of the danger.[5]


  • Ranging from genetic recoding from radiation, to split personas of the same person.
  • According to Curt Connors, the device was made to transmute characteristics from one organism to another.

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