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The Isotope Genome Accelerator was a device created by Dr. Eric Schwinner to manipulate radioactivity. He conducted a presentation for it at General Techtronics Laboratories East, where a young Peter Parker was in attendance. During the demonstration, a tiny spider descended from the ceiling and traversed the radiation beam emitted by the device. The arachnid landed on Peter's hand and bit him.[1] It fell into the ground, and made its way to another attendee, Cindy Moon, sinking its fangs on her ankle before succumbing to the radiation and dying. The spider's bite mutated both Parker and Moon, transferring arachnid properties into their bodies.[2] Peter would go on to become the super hero Spider-Man, whereas Cindy was consigned to spending nearly a decade in a bunker hiding from the Inheritors at the urging of Ezekiel Sims.[3]

Back to Basics[]

During an ESU science project under Curt Connors, the I.G.A. was used for lab work. However, the device was also a target for Taskmaster and Black Ant. Its security was preserve by Spider-Man, having been used on Peter Parker to duplicate himself and protect the student, the device, as well as his dual identity. However, Peter realized the device's separation of himself from his heroic personal was eventually deleterious to himself, so he used ingenuity to merge his two selves together. Upon completing the merge and tackling Mendel Stromm, the Accelerator was damaged beyond known repair.[4]

Curt Connor's Research[]

Following the attempted theft and subsequent destruction, Curt Connors rebuilt the device and continued to study the capabilities, now mindful of the lethal side effects. One such instance of his studies showed a unique counteraction to his own Lizard mutation, elevating his research.[5] With progress made months after rebuilding the device, Connors was on the cusp of a breakthrough to make himself and his son Billy and wife Martha human once more to be in public again. However, Doctor Octopus and the Sinister Six attacked his lab seeking the Lizard. With his inhibitor chip preventing his own self-defense, Connors was powerless to being split from his Lizard half from the Accelerator's activation, which rounded up Doc Ock's team. Afterwards, Peter Parker found the remorseful Connors and returned him to his home in the sewers, the doctor begging his student to warn Spider-Man of the danger.[6]

Alternate Realities[]


Isotope Genome Accelerator from Ultimate Invasion Vol 1 1 001

In this reality, the Maker infiltrated the exhibition for the Isotope Genome Accelerator and stopped the radioactive spider from biting Peter Parker as part of his efforts to reshape the history of this world to his image.[7]


The Neogenic Recombinator was the result of technological research at Empire State University to harness radiation to perform genetic experiments. The brainchild of Dr. Farley Stillwell and Dr. Curt Connors. They developed a machine capable of utilizing radiation, focused as a coherent beam that was capable of genetic manipulation. It's intended focus was to augment human genetics to treat or alter various characteristics.[8][9] During a demonstration of the early prototype machine, a spider was caught in the energy beam. Before dying, it bit an on-looking student, Peter Parker, on the hand. The bite transferred the spider's DNA giving Peter spider-like powers.[9]

Neogenics was a still emerging science and fraught with flaws. Dr. Connors used the machine on himself in attempt to regrow his arm using lizard DNA whose genetic characteristics allow for regeneration of lost limbs. However the experiment went wrong an he was mutated into the Lizard, Dr. Connors was afflicted with the genetic disease for the rest of his life and spent countless times looking for a cure.[8] Later, Stillwell was contracted by J. Jonah Jameson to produce a hero capable of defeating Spider-Man, the result was the Scorpion whose continued rampant severe mutations made him a physical danger and mentally unstable.[10] Stillwell realized neogenics was too experimental to use on human test subjects yet.

Later on, Michael Morbius used the technology to study Spider-Man's blood but this sample got taken by a vampire bat which in turn bit Morbius turning him into a vampirish creature.[11]

Working with research from Dr. Mariah Crawford, Dr. Connors used the Neogenic Recombinator as part of Spider-Man's genetic treatments in order to stabilize his mutation disease, sparing him from turning into the Man-Spider again; however the treatment was a temporary and required a dosage every 24 hours.[12] Ultimately with the battle between Scorpion, the Vulture, and Spider-Man, Stillwell was convinced that the technology was too dangerous to use on humanity yet. He overloaded the machinery and began deleting all computer files pertaining to Neogenic research. Dr. Connors desperately begged him not to destroy the research; with it being the only means to cure his Lizard mutations; he subsequently transformed and attacked Stillwell only to be handled by a now cured Spider-Man who rescued Connors and Stillwell. With the facility destroyed, after seeing the damage caused by the numerous genetically created villains. Stillwell was the only person with sufficient knowledge to recreate neogenics successfully and refused to do so; he went into seclusion and was never heard from again.[13]


  • Ranging from genetic recoding from radiation, to split personas of the same person.
  • According to Curt Connors, the device was made to transmute characteristics from one organism to another.

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