Information-silk Official Team Name
Israelis for Anarchy
Information-silk Team Aliases
Israelis for Anarchy Movement
Information-silk Status
Information-silk Identity
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Base of Operations
Information-silk Team Leader(s)
Formerly Windstorm
Information-silk Former Members
Windstorm & five unnamed members
Information-silk Origin
Israeli anarchist terrorist group
Information-silk Place of Formation
Information-silk Place of Defunction
Unnamed kibbutz, Israel


The Israelis for Anarchy movement was an anarchist terrorist group, fighting for the abolition of nations, and wanting to overthrow the State of Israel. Some of them claimed to be "the deadliest, most highly-trained terrorist in the world".

At some time, they were joined by the (secretly) powered Windstorm who took the lead and they (six members, the whole movement) had the deaf son of an American ambassador took as a hostage in a kibbutz, and a teacher killed.

As the Israeli army had surrounded the kibbutz, the Mossad Super-Agent Sabra took command of the squad and ordered them to withdraw, to handle the affair by herself.

The five terrorists were easily defeated but Windstorm, who seemingly had plotted the hostage situation to confront Sabra, resisted, severely wounding the deaf boy.

Sabra eventually managed to take back his powers and life-energy from Windstorm, seemingly killing her in the process, and using that energy to heal the boy.

Windstorm and her men all presumably dead or in custody, the movement was seemingly cleaned up.


Weapons: Guns, rifles and Windstorm's powers

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