During World War II, Isaac Sandor and his colleague -- a man who eventually became known as Lord Moses -- worked on what they believed to be technology to better mankind. However they soon found out -- to their horror -- it was actually an atomic bomb. [1] Also during this period, Sandor apparently became acquainted with the hero known as Captain America. [2]

In the Modern Age, Professor Issac Sandor worked for Empire State University. During his tenure he succeeded in inventing the Omnivirus, a powerful virus he hoped could be utilized to cure all human illness. When the Omnivirus was targeted by Lord Moses he sent his agent Zarathustra to recover it. This led to a battle with the fledgling heroes known as Fantastic Force, who failed to recover the virus before Zarathustra could escape. Even though the viral sample was stolen Sandor was optimistic that it could be recreated. [3]

Sandor and Fantastic Force's leader Psi-Lord tried to interrogate the minions of Zarathustra and found that their minds were a blank slate, leading to the hunt for the Omnivirus to go cold. [4] Later Sandor ran tests on Captain America, learning that at the time, the Super Soldier Serum in his system was wearing off causing a series of health problems. [2][note 1] Later when Psi-Lord's powers were starting to manifest in the form of constructs based on other personalities (Ego-Spawn, Avatar and Tattletale), Sandor examined the youth but found no solution to his problem. [5] Although Sandor failed, the problem soon resolved itself. [6] When the Fantastic Force's Devlor was gravely wounded in battle, [7] they brought him to Issac for treatment. Although Sandor failed to save Devlor's life, the Inhuman's unique metabolism revived him moments after his apparent death. [8]

Issac Sandor's subsequent activities are unknown.

Timescale Notes

Due to the perimeters of the Sliding Timescale it is becoming increasingly difficult to explain how Sandor could have been an active scientist during World War II and still be alive in the Modern Age without some kind of assistance. At this time there is no official explanation for Sandor's longevity.

Reference Notes

  1. Captain America's Serum was wearing off from Captain America #425 to 443. He was eventually revived thanks to a blood transfusion from his foe the Red Skull in Captain America #444

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