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With his sister, witnessing the Black Death

Early Years

Ister was a Proto-Mutant, the offshoot of humanity in which the X-Gene first evolved. 600 years ago, the proto-mutants living in Crimea, including Ister, were massacred by superstitious baseline humans, due to their resistance to the black plague that was occurring, and their bodies dumped into a mass grave. His own sister was killed for her blood to be drunk, thought to be a cure for the disease.[1]

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Intercepted by Psylocke

Modern Days

In modern times, the grave (in Kyruk, Kazakhstan) was rediscovered by the mad scientist, Dr. David Michael Gray, who cloned the Proto-Mutants back to life to serve as an army for him.

Gray sent the giant-sized Ister on a rampage through Canada,[2] but he was telepathically calmed by the X-Men's Psylocke and reverted to his normal size. Ister was taken into the X-Men's custody, and told them his story with Illyana Rasputin acting as translator.

Unfortunately for Ister, Gray deemed that he had divulged too much information, and shut off his brain remotely, killing him.[1]

His memories were stored inside Psylocke, and through her, he was able to see and grieve his dead sister who was found in Gray's lab, automatically killed when Gray committed suicide. Both bodies were later ceremonially burned.[3]


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Ister was a Proto-Mutant who displayed the following abilities:

  • Size Manipulation: Ister was able to increase his physical size to colossal levels.[2]
  • Proto-Mutants Abilities: Ister possessed some abilities seemingly common to his kind.
    • Disease Immunity: Ister was immune to the plague.[1]
    • Memories-storing DNA: Although being cloned, Ister possessed the memories from before his death.[1]

He also displayed some kind of force-fields, corrosive aura or superhuman strength powers, destroying things on his passage, and leaving some kind of trail. This effect seemingly stopped around the time he crossed Psylocke's path.[2]

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