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Itsu was a woman from Japan living in Jasmine Falls, she met Logan during his fourth year of training with Bando Saburo who was teaching him how to be a man and how to leave his warrior nature behind. Itsu and Logan soon fell in love with each other, and shortly afterward Itsu revealed to Logan that she was pregnant with his child. One day while Logan was proving himself worthy of being a father in combat, the immortal swordsmith, Muramasa, created an explosion that caused Logan to accidentally stab a villager with his claws. As a result, Logan was banned from the village, but before leaving he wanted to say one last good-bye to Itsu.[1]

When he returned to their self-built home, Logan found Itsu dead, murdered, by Bucky Barnes, now the brainwashed Winter Soldier, although Logan didn't know the truth at the time. The Winter Soldier was acting under Romulus' orders in order to draw Logan out of hiding and back to Madripoor under his control. After Itsu's death, Logan disappeared for a month, during this time he went to see Muramasa who used a piece of Logan’s soul to forge a mighty blade that Logan would claim years later after learning the truth about what happened to Itsu.[1]

Unknown to Logan at the time, Romulus took the child from Itsu's womb, and he was safely born and adopted by a Japanese couple. This child was named Akihiro, but he eventually took the name "Daken," which means "Mongrel." Nine years later Daken fell under the influence of Romulus, and he was told lies that his father killed his mother, that he despised him and that he abandoned him, filling Daken with hatred.[2] [3]

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