The Blue Talon was a martial artist of formidable skill who was under the employ of millionaire Damon Dran. When Dran had the Black Widow as his prisoner (then a partner of Daredevil), Dran sent out Blue Talon to kill DD when the news reported that Matt Murdock was possibly Daredevil due to both residing in San Francisco. Sent to the home that Murdock shared with the Widow, Blue Talon fought whom he thought was Daredevil (really the Black Panther in disguise) until he accidentally struck through the ground and hit a gas main, the resulting explosion seemingly killing the Blue Talon in the process.


Blue Talon was a skilled martial artist and accomplished fighter. He could strike with enough force to break through solid objects such as wood and metal. It is unknown if this was due to some artificial enhancement or just part of his fighting skills.

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