Having gotten much better over the next century, Ivan came under the alliance of Dr. Walston Kraft, who wished to clone an army of Frankenstein Monsters (Frankenclones) and promised Ivan the Monster's body for himself. Ivan located the Frankenstein Monster at Victoria Frankenstein's castle and convinced him to join Kraft, who could give him a "real body." Ivan returned to Victoria's castle and imprisoned her in its dungeon to prevent her from interfering with his plans. Peter Parker was sent to investigate Kraft's adventures in cloning and ended up freeing Victoria and learning Kraft's true plans. Parker revealed the truth to the Monster, but Ivan overheard this and denied his claims. When the Monster continued to press him for answers, Ivan attacked him. The Monster, who wanted to believe Ivan was his friend, realized the truth and snapped Ivan's neck to end his threat.[1]


Ivan appeared to possess superhuman strength and durability and the ability to recover from serious wounds easily. He also seems to have advanced longevity as he was more than 100 years old and retained a body in its prime.


Ivan had very low intelligence.

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