Russian Ivan Kragoff and his wife Julia were interested in Reed Richards' research in developing medical applications for N-Zone technology. But when Julia was killed by being run down by a car in Moscow, Kragoff devoted his work in reviving his wife. From researching in his science facility in Siberia, Kragoff became an angst man and have torture his animal experiments, specifically a talking female bear named Misha. Ultimately he decided to kidnap Susan Storm, being herself expose to the N-Zone, to be used in reviving his wife by fusion but thus also killing Susan. After contacting Dr. Franklin Storm in convincing him to have his daughter and Reed Richards to be (under the pretense) interest in his work. Though only Susan Storm came to Siberia as Reed was building the Cosmic Cube, Kragoff's assistant Sorba Rutskaya then destroys Susan's airplane and captures her. Kragoff was eventually betrayed by Sorba, revealing that she only cares in obtaining Susan's powers, by stabbing him from behind, killing him.

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