Kragoff, also known as the Red Ghost, was appointed as Gorillagrad's Secretary of State after the African Nation fell to communist hands and was renamed from Gorilla City to Gorillagrad. Secretary of State Kragoff found himself at the League of United Nations under the meditation of United States Senator Ben Grimm demanding that Gorillagrad be given sovereignty over the African nation of Wakanda. Kragoff and his simian associates, Comrade Grodd and Congo-Red, contended that primates had ancestral rights to all of Africa and thus claimed sovereignty over Wakanda as well (convenietly leaving out the fact that Homo Sapiens are primates too!). The king of Wakanda, Bronze Tiger, did not want to surrender his country without a fight. Kragoff and the Communists of Gorillagrad began their march to conquer the world, and Brinze Tiger joined forces with the Challengers of the Fantastic to stop the menace of Red Ghost, Comrade Grodd, and Congo-Red.


None known


Kragoff possesses effective (although highly aggressive) diplomacy skills

Strength level

Normal human male


None known

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