Despite he himself being a high ranking official in the communist government, Ivan Petrovsky's brother, Boris, was a secret supporter of democracy. After rumor of Boris' pro-democracy leanings were made aware to Ivan, he forced Boris to build a massive monument in honor of the government, in the hopes that it would divert attention from Boris' political views.

After many months in seclusion, Boris radioed Ivan to inform him that the statue was complete. However, unbeknownst to Ivan, before he arrived to inspect the statue, it was possessed by an alien. When Ivan arrived to see the monument, he was terrified to find the statue walking around, causing massive destruction. Convinced it was a purposeful deceit by Boris, Ivan called in all types of military assistance to attack the statue, yet nothing proved powerful enough to stop the rampage.

In a final attempt to subdue the statue, Ivan called in an air strike with a hydrogen bomb. Furious at Boris' perceived treason, Ivan left Boris bound to a chair in the strike zone. After Ivan departed, the alien inside the statue took pity on Boris, and destroyed the air strike team.

When Ivan returned to find no damage to the statue, and Boris alive and well, Ivan demanded answers. Sensing the chance to champion democracy, Boris told Ivan that the state was possessed by a higher power that was not please with the violent rule of the government, and that the statue would attack again if the government did not chance its ways. While Ivan found the story fishy, the rest of the government felt they had no choice and loosened their grip on the country.[1]

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