Ivan Pushkin is the powerful Pakhan (head) of the Solntsevskaya Bratva better known as the Russian mafia. He has international goals, seeking to expand his operations into as many fields as possible. Major Arthur Barrington posed a threat to his plans. While Barrington was being held by Department H, Pushkin sent out the brainwashed Maverick to assassinate him. However, he had a second target, Pierre Cloche, Department H's Director of Foreign Affairs, who had been interfering with his plans, as well. While Maverick took out the security forces (including Alphans Vindicator and Puck) Pushkin's operative Sickle attacked Cloche. However, Maverick overcame his brainwashing and, with the help of Vindicator, saved Cloche. However, Pushkin also sent his other operative Hammer who successfully killed Barrington.

Pushkin later hired the Confessor to free Hammer and Sickle from the Ice Box.

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