The Crimson Dynamo was a Russian villain who faced Iron Man many times, being a prisoner in the Vault.[2] When he escaped along other super villains, he joined the Masters of Evil and helped the team to battle the Avengers.[3]

He's one of the Masters of Evil who tried to get one of the Norn Stones in Baron Zemo's plan to conquer the World, what they didn't know is that Loki was using them in his revenge against Asgard, Thor and Odin. Dynamo battles Captain America but was defeated when he was distracted with ghosts from Hel, during the Norn Stones interaction, which latter brought the Avengers to the Nine Realms.[4]

When Enchantress was searching Baron Zemo to get revenge, he was sent to distract her while the remaining Masters asked with Zemo for help to the Avengers. He was saved by Iron Man and Hawkeye when he was loosing the battle against Enchantress and the Executioner. Along the two Avengers he arrived to the Avengers Mansion to face Enchantress again. When the last Norn Stone was destroyed by Wonder Man in an act of sacrifice, he was knocked out and incarerated in the Prison 42 along the rest of his team.


Same as his Earth-616 counterpart


Same as his Earth-616 counterpart

Strength level

Able to take on Iron Man



Various types of weapon systems in his armor

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