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Inside the suit

Ivan Vanko is a Russian scientist working for Project: Pegasus. He developed the Crimson Dynamo Armor to be able to withstand virtually anything it comes at him and was using it to study the surface of the sun.

When a solar flare knocked him into a lower orbit, his friend manning the space station Prometheus I, Anton Harchov, was forced to abandon him in solar orbit to save everyone else on the station. Somehow, Ivan was able to escape orbit and, over the course of two years, made his way back to Earth. He survived thanks his armor's specially designed life-support systems, including slow-drip chemical IV stimpacks and a solar battery so it wouldn't run out of power. Vanko returned to Earth, crazed and looking for revenge on Harchov. Only the intervention of Iron Man and the location of Vanko's family ended his rampage. Ivan was last seen being loaded in an ambulance with his wife and son to be taken to a hospital for proper medical treatment while the Crimson Dynamo armor was hauled away for study and safekeeping.[1]


None. His powers come from the Crimson Dynamo armor.


He is a skilled pilot of the Crimson Dynamo armor.


Crimson Dynamo Armor


Flamethrowers, rocket thrusters

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