Ivich Williamson (Earth-616) from Beauty & the Beast 4

Ivich Williamson was a gladiator in the employ of Alexander Flynn when she first met the Dazzler. Dazzler has been drugged by another gladiator named Max Rocker into losing her fine control of her mutant powers and also left her more open the Flynn's persuasion to become a member of the Gladiators.

During Dazzler's time with the Gladiators, Ivich became friends with her and began to worry about Max's and Flynn's interest in her.

After Flynn was deposed as the leader of the Gladiators they were taken over by the Shadow King when they came into conflict with the New Mutants.

Ivich's subsequent fate and whether or not she kept her mutant powers after the events of M-Day have yet to be revealed.


Ivich has strong swordsmanship skills.

Strength level

Ivich possesses the strength of a woman who engages is intense regular excersize.



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