Quote1 This is disgusting! Of all the sexist, male fantasy-oriented, blatantly transparent attempts to undermine the integrity of our group…! We're not going to fall for this——right, guys? Quote2
-- Bland Canary[2]

Ivory was a beautiful young girl and the roommate of Logana, the adamantium-nailed superheroine who also went by the name of Wolverina (or "Rina," as Ivory called her).[1]

At some point, the Just-a-League was holding auditions for people without superpowers for the purpose of having fun and hanging out—albeit the Marsmallow Manhunter insisted they should be hiring superpowered people and saving the world. Ivory auditioned for the job and fascinated several male Leaguers including Blue Beatle, Flash-in-the-pan, Guy the Gardener, Mr. Bat-Mom and Plastelongatic Man, and she also made Golly smile. However, female Leaguer Bland Canary vocally expressed her opposition because Ivory's attitude and appearance was sexist. Nonetheless, Ivory succeeded so much in attracting male attention that she was soon running away from the guys, still giggling. League enemy Leaks Luthor was monitoring this event and understood that the League was trying to increase its power but he still intended to oppose them. Apparently, Ivory did not join the League.[2]

Ivory later went to the beach with Logana, to get a tan and to attract the sights of drooling men, something that Ivory approved. The men ran away escaped because the beach was being attacked by the huge Land Shark, the sea monkey that walks like a man, who screamed an introduction speech. Ivory and Wolverina changed to their costumes and Ivory offered Wolverina to attack first, as Wolverina had superpowers and Ivory had not. Mysoginistly, the beach's Life-guard tried to prevent the girls to fight, but Wolverina buried him in the sand using a punch; nonetheless, Ivory, who was a woman from the 1990s, got from him the idea of using their women's wiles instead of going macho. This idea failed as the Land Shark slammed and crashed the girls against the Life-guard's chair.[1]

Ivory changed her strategy and suggested to trash the Land Shark. Hearing this, the Land Shark explained his origin, that he had been trashed by bullies due to his laughable physique, but suddenly mutated when consuming a defective working body building milk shake. Wolverina laughed at his stupid origin, but Ivory understood that the Land Shark had been insulted for so long that a compliment could caught him by surprise and gave the girls an advantage. Ivory uttered a compliment, and Wolverina mistakenly believed it was directed to her. Ivory insisted in addressing sweetly to the Land Shark, puzzling him and making him unable to attack efficiently. Noticing the change, Wolverina also flirted with him. Overwhelmed by the pressure, the Land Shark mutated again to a weakling guy. Wolverina tried to attack him, but Ivory stopped her, as the ex-Land Shark had already suffered too much. He promised to mend his ways and find a job.[1]

The following week, Ivory and Wolverina returned to the beach and to the drooling guys. The men suddenly escaped again, but Ivory doubted that the Land Shark could have returned. However, the ex-Land Shark was there, now living as a wealthy newspaper salesman. This was scary enough to make Ivory and Wolverina run away.[1]




Ivory claims to be able to turn heads,—which nobody doubts— stop clocks and make promises she does not intend to keep. She also claims to be able to sing, and can giggle lovingly. While she is commonly chased by males,—which could be another skill of hers— apparently she can avoid being captured.[2] She can also "fill her costume."[1]

Ivory is familiar with several femenine skills that have proved inefficient in combat with supervillains. She is intelligent and calm under distress, and she is quite familiar with the way men think to the point of using a compliment as a weapon.[1]


Ivory is very scared of getting tan lines when sunbathing.[1]


Ivory commonly carries her costume with her even if she's going to the beach and intends to spend her time in a bikini.[1]

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