Izan was a weapons smuggler that was active during the 1940's. He instituted an environment of fear among his subordinates, giving them poison to kill themselves upon failure of a mission as he would kill them using much harsher means. Those who failed him and were too cowardly to take their own lives would have an air tight dome strapped around their head and have it filled with water so that Izan could watch them drown.

Izan set up his operations in a basement room below a fun house on Coney Island. There, he had his operatives use the parachute ride to keep a watch for in coming shipments and the Coast Guard. When one of the managers of the Coney Island amusement part learned about Izan's operations, he sent one of his men to eliminate this man during the Island's annual Mardi Gras parade. This proved to be Izan's undoing as the Human Torch and Toro were guests of honor at the parade.

This tipped the two heroes off on Izan's operations. They eventually found Izan's secret hideout. Izan gassed them and attempted to toss them into the ocean; however, a hole in the Torch's air tight container allowed him to break free and smash up Izan's operation. Fearing capture, Izan jumped ship only to be captured by the Coast Guard. With the entire gang rounded up, Izan's minions all swallowed their poison pills, killing themselves.

Izan, afraid of dying, choked under the pressure and couldn't kill himself. As he was being led away, he was told by the Torch that if he hadn't sent one of his men to kill the parade organizer in the first place, the two heroes might never have known about his operation.[1]


While a ruthless individual who was willing to kill his own men for their failures, Izan himself suffered an extreme case of necrophobia -- the fear of death.


Izan utilized air tight cylinders, knock out gas, and had a dome that he placed on the heads of his victims so he could watch them drown.


Izan used conventional firearms.

Izan should not be confused with the Nazi spy also known as Doctor Izan who battled Captain America and Bucky.[2]

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