History of character is unknown.


According to the Superflow as a Nightmask she can use many powers but, due to her inexperience in using her newly found powers, hasn't yet reached her full potential.

Current Powers
As a Nightmask Izanami can access the Superflow at any time.
Teleportation: Izanami can teleport by accessing the Superflow at one point and coming out the other. This helps her to cross vast amounts of land (e.g. San Fransisco, CA to Optima Down, OK) in a small amount of time. It is not known yet whether this is instantaneous or not though.
Whilst in the Superflow she change her appearance at will. It is unknown whether she learn to alter her appearance when she is out of the Superflow or if she can alter her body as well as her clothes.
Izanami can receive "downloads" from the Superflow supplying her with information.
Potential Powers
Various thought/dream related powers.


Izanami can "download" information regarding her "missions".
Multilingual: It can be assumed, although she calls herself Japanese-American, Izanami can speak Japanese.

Strength level

Average for someone who engages in frequent, moderate exercise.


She is very inexperienced in matters involving the Superflow.





Izanami has described herself as a "B-bop chinamation girl"

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