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Through unknown means J'son became the head of the Universal Church of Truth in his alternate future, going by the moniker of the Patriarch.[1] He captured numerous beings and used their life energies to power a massive temple that was capable of incapacitating beings by forcing them to have feelings of apathy and despair. Traveling back into the past of Earth-616, he lured his past self's son Star-Lord and his team the Guardians of the Galaxy to his ship through a fake distress call. He then captured most of the team using the temple's apathy generators. He later revealed to Star-Lord that he planned to use the combined psychic energies of everyone he captured to power the awakening of beings in hundreds of Magus-like cocoons to rid the universe of Death,[2] later revealed to an army of clones of Drax the Destroyer.[3]

Groot and Moondragon avoided capture and convinced a dying Rocket Raccoon and a child Magus to aid them in rescuing their team and stopping the Church. Together, they launched an attack on the Church's temple, but they were overwhelmed by the Church's army of Drax clones and a contingent of brainwashed super beings. Rocket was presumed dead after his life support suit was destroyed, but Rocket survived and rigged the temple's engines to where it would travel back to its original time period. While Rocket and his allies fled using Lockjaw's teleportation power, J'son and the Church were transported to the future where they were greeted by that time period's Thanos.[4]



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