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Blue-J, BumpStock, Doc Justice, Dolly Girl, The Gloom, Kid Justice I, Kid Justice II, Little J, Marty, Mr. Swift, Princess Justice I, Princess Justice II, Princess Justice III, Princess Justice IV, SPF, Trench
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Team assembled by Doc Justice to protect Los Angeles and southern California
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The J-Team was a group of vigilante superheroes whose first incarnation dates back to the 1970s. Back then, the team was funded by Justice's family's chain of steakhouses, and comprised of five powerless teenagers: Justice (the team leader), Princess Justice, Mr. Swift, Little J, and Marty.[2]

J-Team (Earth-616) from Runaways Vol 5 29 001

The OG

Justice was an idealist and the team did a great service for Los Angeles, even being awarded a medal by the LAPD. Sometime later, Justice and Princess Justice got married and had a child, Matthew, but tragedy struck with the deaths of Princess Justice and Mr. Swift (in separate incidents), leading Bess and Marty to "hang their capes," and thus ending the J-Team.[2]

James from Runaways Vol 5 29 001

James's photo on the newspaper after his death

The 80s

After almost ten years, Justice, now wearing a helmet and calling himself Doc Justice, created another J-team with no powered individuals that included a new Princess Justice, Kid Justice, Blue-J (an acrobat with a German shepherd dog that rescued people from fires and landslides),[3] and one other.[2][4]

J-Team (Earth-616) from Runaways Vol 5 29 002

The roster of the team kept changing throughout the years, with a third Princess Justice even becoming Doc Justice for a year.[2] The team also had a few off-shoots or rebrandings including Justice for All (in the 1990s) and the J-Squad.[1]

Matthew, serving as Doc Justice's current butler, began working for the team around 1990, when Doc Justice was once again in command, and the roster was comprised of Matthew as the second Kid Justice, the third Princess Justice, SPF, and Trench.[1][5]

21st Century

The last incarnation was active in the early 2000's and they helped evacuate Scott Building when Victor Mancha was supposedly three years old, leading the latter to remember them even years after their final mission, which unfortunately would be six months later, during an undisclosed tragedy.[1]


Equipment: J-Team Costumes
Transportation: Justice-UV


  • The four individuals (not counting Karolina) that took the guise of Princess Justice were all blonde, and three of them were married to Doc Justice.[2]
  • Doc Justice was sixteen when he formed the J-Team.[2]

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