J. Arthur Grover was the Director of F.B.I., as well as the head behind Operation Rebirth.[1]

While U.S. Army General Phillips and the disguised Nazi spy Heinz Kruger were talking to President Roosevelt at the White House, Grover was called inside the meeting room by the President himself, who ordered him to bring the two officers to Operation Rebirth's facility.[1]

Grover then identified himself to F.B.I. Agent X-13, who let the three men enter inside the secret laboratory under the Curios Shop facade; however, after Operation Rebirth's Professor Reinstein had subjected Steve Rogers to his Super-Soldier Serum, Heinz Kruger revealed himself to be a Nazi spy killing both Reinstein and Grover. Rogers then proceeded to beat Kruger, accidentally killing him.[1]

  • J. Arthur Grover was likely a play on the name of J. Edgar Hoover, real-life Director of F.B.I. during years 1925-1972.

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