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J.R. Walker was once a Special Forces soldier in the United States Army. Later, he became an assassin working for the CIA. The CIA and Skip Ash sent Shotgun to retrieve Number 9, a young blonde woman with superpowers, and wound up battling Daredevil. He worked side-by-side with the Punisher at one point, teaming up with him to destroy the Carbone crime family. Shotgun had been hired to do this because the Carbones were not the 'tame' Mafiosi the government enjoyed. Shotgun saved the Punisher and the life of his ally Mickey Fondozzi. Shotgun and the Punisher then worked to slaughter an isolated island full of international Mafia members. This particular battle results in the destruction of most of the Carbone family, a longtime target of the Punisher. Rosalie Carbone was left in charge.[1]

He was later hired by Agent Joy of the F.B.I. to help her track down Bullseye. Shotgun had his citizenship revoked due to his mercenary actions and he was promised $1,000,000 and legal documents to return to the U.S. if he aided Agent Joy in the acquisition. That was not enough and he demanded more, however, his partner Bullet offered Shotgun his share of the money, as Bullet just wants to go back home to his family.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Shotgun is skilled in a variety of firearms and hand-to-hand combat.



Shotgun's shades have thermal imaging. His suits include some form of Kevlar and a tactical radio.


Shotgun's preferred weapons are customized automatic shotguns loaded with specialty ammunition such as "shredder" rounds and high explosive shells. He routinely carries a pump shotgun and a pistol as backup. He also carries explosive spikes that are similar to a rifle grenade. Other weapons he has been seen with include a sniper rifle and a harpoon gun.


An armored pickup truck with mounted shotguns.

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