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Dr. Streiten was one of the doctors Nick Fury had bring Agent Phil Coulson back to life days after his death at the hands of Loki. Alongside Dr. Goodman, Dr. Streiten tried to repair Coulson's brain during the seventh operation so he could become again the person he once was. However, the resuscitated Coulson repeatedly begged to die and a guilt-stricken Streiten wanted to oblige him. Coulson was then subjected to a robotic probe that modified his memories of the surgery to make him think he took a vacation to Tahiti, to restore the man he once was. After the surgery, Dr. Streiten posed as Coulson's heart doctor to keep a close eye on him. Later, when Coulson learned the truth behind his trip to Tahiti, he confronted Dr. Streiten in his car, and told him more about how he came back to life. He apologized to Coulson for what had been done to him and ominously implied that there was more to his resurrection than it appeared.[2]

Some time after his encounter with Coulson, Streiten disappeared and thus was unavailable when Coulson's team attempted to reach him to heal Skye.[3]

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