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Synopsis for "A Journey into Mystery"

The adventure begins when the universe of Polemachus is destroyed by a black entity, which then destroys the universe of the Crime Syndicate.

The Grandmaster is watching the Marvel Universe but then he is attacked by Krona who wants to know the origin of the universe. Then one month later the Justice League is fighting against Terminus, a Marvel supervillain. They devise a strategy and with a quick move by Kyle Rayner, the attack of Terminus is redirected to him and knocks him out. Rayner then disappears and Hal Jordan appears saying that he doesn't belong to this universe, that he was brought there by an accident.

Starro appears in the Marvel universe and attacks the city of New York, but the city is defended by the Avengers. Half of the team is seen trapped by the mini stars of Starro, but the rest of the Avengers devise a plan using the Scarlet Witch's psychic powers to enter Starro's mind and manipulate him into leaving the Earth. Meanwhile many people were being swapped between both universes and the Justice League and the Avengers try to find out who or what is causing this.

The Grandmaster appears in the Watchtower and tells to the Justice League that they have to find six objects in the other universe, and the same thing happens with the Avengers, so the JLA travels to the Marvel universe and, they find one of the objects. However, at that moment a purple arrow knocks the object away. Captain America orders to Iron Man to flash out, but Wonder Woman catches the object and the JLA return to their Earth, so the Avengers find the Grandmaster and then they go to the DC Universe to take the objects to save their universe but they were found by the Justice League and a fight ensues.


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