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Synopsis for "Strange Adventures"

In the DC universe, the JLA are watching Doctor Doom joining the Source Wall. Hawkeye (who is also a member) flirts with Black Canary, making Green Arrow jealous. The first "dimensional glitch" occurs, with Clint vanishing. The team doesn't notice this change, but The Flash suggests they return to JLA Tower and inform their friends in the other universe about Doom's incursion.

Meanwhile, in Marvel Universe, the Avengers have just won a battle with Brainiac. Discussing the outcome, but Captain America feels that something isn't right. At that moment, Wasp announces that the JLA is visiting their reality. The two teams greet each other and head to Avengers Mansion. Both Superman and Captain America individually get the impression something is very wrong.

Suddenly, the scene shifts to JLA satellite, where the two teams are having a party with a Hawaiian luau theme. As everyone has fun, Captain America and Superman continue to have misgivings about the whole situation.

The scene shifts back to the Avengers Mansion, where Superman confides to Martian Manhunter that he feels like the entire situation feels strange - at that moment, Captain America explodes that something is deeply wrong. Wasp tries to calm him down, relating previous team-ups between the JLA and Avengers (which actually never happened), but Captain America refuses to listen, accusing Superman of the reality warping. Superman snaps back that it's Cap's fault, and both rush forward to attack each other. ---

Suddenly, Vision and Aquaman find themselves in a snowy Metropolis. Aquaman notes that he still has a hand (which for him feels off), and finds a Daily Planet article with Clark Kent interviewing Spider-Man, which he says makes absolutely no sense. They are both then attacked by a group of DC villains. They are rescued by Captain America, Hal Jordan, Iron Man, Thor and Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman uses her Lasso of Truth on Sonar, who mumbles something about his "master" being trapped but trying to escape.

Meanwhile, in the Marvel universe New York City, Superman, Batman, Goliath, Wasp and others are rescuing citizens from major disasters. Some of the citizens, however, are from the DC Universe; one cab driver complains that no one there knows about his home country of Qurac. Godlike people appear, whom the Martian Manhunter tries to mind link with.

Flash and Scarlet Witch appear to Metropolis, Batman and Superman are still in New York but J'onn is Vanished. In the meantime Captain America, Aquaman and the others are trying to clear the snow, while Vision is searching the area when J'ohn J'ones appears with some people.

Martian Manhunter instructs everyone in both universes to follow him, and explains that the realities are interacting, with places randomly appearing and disappearing. Superman and Iron Man fly into space and discover both Earths being forcibly merged together by Krona. Scarlet Witch and Green Lantern attack Krona with their respective powers, and both teams use their willpower to disrupt the rift, and are returned to their own worlds.

With the help of The Phantom Stranger, both teams are taken to a dying Grandmaster, who tells them that Krona is imprisoned between both realities, and will destroy both to escape. In his last dying act, Grandmaster shows the teams their true past, featuring such dark moments as Superman's death at the hands of Doomsday, Ant-Man's domestic abuse of Wasp, Hal Jordan going insane and murdering the entire Green Lantern Corps, Iron Man's alcoholism, and the tragedy of Vision and Scarlet Witch's "son".

Hal, who arguably has the most to lose, states that they have to return reality back to the way it was, for good or ill, and both teams vow to defeat Krona, together.


  • Editors-in-chief: Joe Quesada and Dan DiDio.
  • Wraparound cover.
  • "Strange Adventures" is a reference to several DC titles of the same name.
  • The opening JLA/Avengers sequence an homage to the Pre-Crisis Justice League/Justice Society relationship. The Avengers refer to New Earth as "Earth-Two" and their universe "Earth-One," whereas the Justice League does it the other way round.


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