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Quote1.png I should'a done more stuff, huh? I should'a like, enjoyed stuff more. Quote2.png
"J", moments before his death


"J" considered himself just a normal teen, until the day he hit his puberty. He woke up late for school, and couldn't find his mother anywhere, only finding her clothes on the ground. He left his home after leaving a message. Thinking he was insane for something something happened due to how empty the streets are, he finally saw people, shaking that feeling off. As he turned, however, those same people started to burn up. At school, the boy struggled with normal teenage problems. His girlfriend wanted attention and his parents had strict phone rules. Suddenly, all of the students, including his girlfriend, started to burn and melt around him.

He hid somewhere safe, where he couldn't hurt anyone. Some time later, Wolverine arrived."J" yelled at him, still hiding, telling Wolverine he would die, but he calmed the kid by telling him that his healing factor wouldn't allow him to be killed by the teenager's mutant powers. Wolverine told the mutant boy that he was sent on a solo mission by the X-Men. He handed him a beer, explaining his mutant powers. He asked Logan how many people he killed. Though hesitant, Wolverine told him the closest estimate was 265. He burst into tears, realizing his power was "kill everyone around him". Logan told him that no one would ever find out he did those things, since the incident would be covered up as a chemical leak. Due to the fact that he was a mutant, the X-Men fear of the consequences of that story coming to the public, and how humans would respond to mutants. "J" wondered how his life would have been, and talked about what he planned on doing. He told Logan how he planned to go to the national stock car race, and how he wanted to drive through the country soon, look for colleges, or lose his virginity with his girlfriend. All Logan could do was empathize with him. Empathizing with the boy was not the mission Wolverine was sent on, however. Logan told him to finish his beer, but "J" told him to "just do it". The next morning, Logan left the cave alone.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Toxin Radiation: "J"'s single mutant ability was releasing a series of deadly toxins, acids, and poisons through his body, consuming organic tissue. Those toxins burned and vaporized everyone in his radius from the inside out. "J" seemed to have no control over them.[1]

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