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Jackie Lrurt was one of the refugees who had settled on Torfa and was its self-proclaimed Defense Minister and Chief Engineer. She offered to assist Captain Marvel in building another "ring world" where the refugees could be relocated, as the atmosphere of Torfa was slowly making them ill. Jackie accompanied Captain Marvel to different markets to get parts to rebuild Torfa's fleet.[1]

As they were collecting the necessary parts for their plans, they discovered that the Haffensye were smuggling Vibranium from Torfa for the Spartax Empire, and that it was its secret extraction by some of the Sentimault that was causing the illness.[2]

The Spartax invaded Torfa, and Jackie Lrurt helped Captain Marvel intercept the upcoming Spartax fleet so Carol could destroy the Vibranium mines and leave the Spartax with no reasons for being there, as well as liberating the planet form its poison.

When Captain Marvel was leaving Torfa, Jackie thanked her and gave her a musical mix.[3]



Trichokinesis: Jackie can control the movement of her hair.


Jackie displays a formidable level of agility.

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