Jaagur was the commander of a vast army in a distant galaxy. He had a brother Umbra, who he was at war with for control of their galaxy. In response to acquiring a powerful device that can siphon energy from a distant star into his body armor, Umbra instigates a war with Jaagur by sending an unencrypted signal that revealed the location of his forces to lure Jaagur to Warworld. Jaagur follows the signal to Warworld arrives in full battle armor that allowed him to easily destroy the fortifications of Warworld. The armor however was not strong enough to withstand Umbra's attack when they met, and Umbra easily beats Jaaguar.

Jaagur (Earth-616) and Umbra (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 297 001

Merged form[2]

Jaagur merged with Umbra when Mister Fantastic shorted out Umbra's Star-Tap siphon, which transported them to just outside Earth's solar system.[2] The dominant personality was Umbra, and Jaagur seemed to have little to no control in the merged form. They traveled to Earth where they clashed with the Fantastic Four. After Reed successfully splits Jaagur and Umbra, Umbra attacked Jaagur and slammed a power coupling into Jaagur's armor, creating an explosion. After the explosion, neither Jaagur nor Umbra are found. Reed hypothesizes that they were destroyed. [3]


Battle armor: Jaagur's armor allows him to travel through space unaided and tear into the underground fortifications of Warworld.

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