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[[Category:Cellular Degeneration]]
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Jack was one of Jackal's early successes at cloning Peter Parker. Jack suffered from clone degeneration and part of his deformity rendered him a dwarf and bald. Jack originally taunted Peter Parker and Ben Reilly about which one of them was a clone. Jack was devastated when his friend and fellow clone Guardian succumbed to the clone degeneration that was ravaging his body. [1]

Jack was routinely abused by his boss the Jackal. Jack wore a costume similar to the Jackal's original costume. Jack betrayed the Jackal to Ben Reilly and gave him a copy of a disk that supposedly proved Ben was the original Peter Parker. The Jackal snapped his fingers and triggered something that caused Jack's body to melt into a puddle.[2]


Jack possesses Peter Parker's abilities of superhuman reflexes and agility, enhanced strength and stamina, and a precognitive Spider-Sense. Unlike Peter, he could generate organic webbing. Like all of Peter's other clones, he does not set off Peter or any of Peter's other clones' Spider-Sense's, and they also do not set his Spider-Sense off.


He has been equipped with a "Jackal Costume" by Miles Warren. It contains razor sharp talons which compensate for his inability to wall crawl.

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