Jack Booker left America to escape the loudmouth boorish mannerisms of his countrymen. Travelling to England, he joined the fledgling Royal Flying Corps where he was quickly promoted to the rank of Captain. He tried to disassociate with his American heritage whenever he could, pretending instead to be British much of the time.

When America joined the First World War in Spring of 1917, it was decided to take all of the volunteer American pilots from the RFC and put them into one squadron so that when America got its own flying corps going these men could pass on their experience. Jack, however, was very displeased with being selected for the Eighty-Eight American Squadron, especially upon being given squad members like a young Karl Kaufmann.[1] In spite of himself, however, Booker soon becomes intrigued by the mysterious Kaufmann, eventually taking him under his wing.[2] As time goes on, Kaufmann himself becomes promoted to Captain and the two officers become good friends, bonding over the deaths of their compatriots.[3][4]

Booker is promoted to Major and commander of the squadron after the death of his good friend Major Roxburgh-Jones.[4] Later, in September, Booker's plane is shot in the engine during a patrol over German-held territory, forcing him to land on the battlefield. Kaufmann manages to shoot down a platoon of German soldiers on the verge of attacking Booker and then lands his own plane in an attempt to rescue his friend. Recognizing what is about to happen, Booker slugs Kaufmann and pulled him out of the plane just as it is destroyed by German artillery fire. Unfortunately, Booker gets hit by a stray piece of shrapnel and despite Kaufmann's efforts it was apparent that he wouldn't survive the battle. Booker then pleads with Kaufmann to tell him his story as his origin is still a mystery to the squadron. Kaufmann complies, and Booker has a good laugh at Kaufmann's plan to call himself the Phantom Eagle before passing away.[5]


Very capable biplane pilot.


A pistol

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