Jack was one of the Forgotten. He was a telepath, and since childhood he had heard voices in his head, and with age they became louder and louder.

After joining the Forgotten, Jack learned to control his powers. But when Nate Grey attacked the Forgotten to save Threnody, Jack's powers were accidentally increased and out of control, causing him to go mad and slay most of his friends. Blaming Nate for what happened, he decided kill him too.

A young boy, Roust, who survived the massacre, escaped and warned Nate about Jackknife, so when Jack attacked Nate, their battle was short and Grey easily won. Jack was seriously injured and taken to the hospital. Where he is now is unknown.


  • Telepathy: Proven himself to be an impressive Telepath, being capable of fighting off and even locking out the likes of X-Man in psychic combat. Even going so far as to protrude into his attackers mind just to show him his memories or inducing incredible amounts of pain by willing it to happen.
    • Psionic Shives: Raw telepathic energy consolidated into immaterial blades which shear through the mindscape of intended victims disrupting the neural network leading to the incapacitation of targets. Largely so in the form of pain, stunning/incapacitation and/or possibly death inducement.
  • Telekinesis: Due to his power being unlocked and enhanced beyond their norms. Jackknife can manipulate matter and energy to an unspecified degree, being capable of causing cars to explode yet manipulate their shrapnel as makeshift bullets. Even enhancing his own physiology to superhuman levels.
    • Psionic Talons: Focused totality of jack knife's TK power in the form of finger tipped energy claws, with an edge sharp enough to cleave through the strongest telekinetic forces. Even those conjured by the like of a First Order Telekinetic.


His psychic prowess made him an impressive tracker


A tattered cloak composing the various scraps of clothes belonging to his victims

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