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Jack grew up as a friend of Dan Ketch. He also studied the martial arts under sensei Yuji Watanabe.

One day a motorcycle gang entered the garage where Dan and Jack frequented. They were on the run from Mister Hyde, and locked the two up. Dan turned into Ghost Rider and defeated the group as well as Hyde.

Later, Jack and his sensei were targeted by Deathwatch. Jack was injured, and later abducted from the hospital. However, Ghost Rider was able to free him with the help of Yuji's son, Sean Watanabe, and Wolverine.

Some time later, Ghost Rider found himself assisted by the mysterious Shriker. Jack eventually revealed that he was Shriker. However, Dan asked him to stay out of the Ghost Rider's conflicts, as things were getting too dangerous.

After Civil War

After the Civil War, he was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Jack has extensive martial arts training.



Darts and shuriken.

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