Jack Hazzard was a subject of a military experiment to create a perfect assassin. He was hypnotized and brainwashed until he was devoid of all human emotions, left with only a basic, but cunning reptile-like brain. He was also given the mental ability to cause heart attacks in other people. He served as a government assassin until he was discharged. Out of the service, he heard another soldier named Nuke, who was also the subject of a government experiment, went insane and killed a bunch of people. This caused all of Jack's suppressed emotions to come roaring back, overwhelming him with doubt, worry, and remorse. Aware that Jack was having a breakdown that could result in him massacring innocent people, the government sent Black Widow to kill Jack.[1]

Sparked by a run in with a high school acquaintance in a diner, Jack nearly gave her a heart attack. He did cause a heart attack in a man outside the diner as he was running away. Jack was losing control of himself. Daredevil started following him. He visited his mother and almost killed her too. When saw that Daredevil and Black Widow we following him, he thought they were demons from Hell and attacked them. Hazzard started to give Daredevil a heart attack, and that forced Black Widow to shoot him in the head.[2]


Through years of hypnosis and condition, Jack's brain is incapable of remorse, guilt and other human emotions. The government gave him the ability to mentally cause heart attacks in others.


Jack Hazzard is a trained soldier and assassin.

Strength level

Normal Human



Agent Hazzard at the Marvel Appendix

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