Jack Kirby was a comic-book drawer. His characteristic vanishing point perspective was easily recognizable by the characters.[1] His poses were so spectacular that some characters (including Low Key) were unable to keep up with them after some years, when later artists wanted to homage Mr. Kirby.[2] Mr. Kirby also took the character of Scarlett Wench and improved her appearance, making her a beauty.[3]

Not all his life was that easy: Kirby was one of the Marvel comic artists who knew Irving Forbush in person.[4]

For these achievements and for other reasons, he and fellow comic-book luminaire Stan Lee were honored with huge statues in the godlike kingdom Jazzgard.[5]

Eventually Kirby left Marvel. When Forbush came back from the dead, he vainly tried to contact with the Marvel staff he knew, including Kirby.[4] However, in years to come, Kirby along with Lee, became well-respected figures: Daredevil once said he always wanted his adventures to be written by Lee and Kirby, but the closest he ever got was when DeFalco and Frenz did so in a Christmas story in which the Ghost Writer, spirit of vengeance and of New Year's Eve, showed him some of his alternate futures.[6]


He was a damn good artist


He has a big cigar.

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