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Jack Magniconte was with his fellow Nutopians who were helping clean up the mess in the Supremia Province after the Squadron Sinister annexed it into their domain. Jack became worried that the Squadron had been on a tear since they annexed eight provinces in six weeks. So Jenny calculated that the probability of the Sinisters taking over their own domain went up, so Jack went ahead and contacted Hazzard to move up their timetable.[1]

Jack talked with the other leaders about their plan of taking over Utopolis. He had Jenny develop the idea of splitting up Kenneth's power by 1% and to bestow it upon their fellow Nutopians in order to create a legion of Star Brands to infiltrate the Squadron's domain.[2]

After some time passed, Jack joined the invasion of the Squadron's territory. He was pitted against their non-powered member Nighthawk with the help of Merc. But Nighthawk got the better of the both of them and then grabbed Magniconte by the neck and snapped it resulting in his death.[3]


Seemingly those of the Jack Magniconte of Earth-148611.


Seemingly those of the Jack Magniconte of Earth-148611.

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