Jack McGee was born in St. Louis, Missouri to an honest and hardworking father who used to always tell Jack that "home is where there's love." Unfortunately Jack's father was a very unsuccessful businessman, a failure at every career he had ever attempted. Still, his father was a good man, never holding back from giving someone in need a loan of money.

During the Korean War, Jack joined the United States Air Force, although he would later admit that he always hated flying.

In 1978, Jack McGee, now employed by the National Register, was a doggedly persistent but apparently not terribly observant reporter who spent much off his professional life (several years) wandering around America in pursuit of the killer of David Banner and his connection to the mysterious 'Hulk'. Unfortunately, since McGee seemingly never realized that his prime suspect was, in fact, David Banner himself, his self appointed quest was pretty much doomed from the start.

It is not entirely clear who was paying McGee to indulge in this apparently pointless obsessive behaviour, or why. Presumably, he had a very sympathetic editor.[1] Jack also witnessed Thor and planned to get a story on him as well.[2]

  • The character would make his last appearance in The Incredible Hulk Returns and the character's storyline was left unresolved.
  • While being a main character and appearing in the credits every week, McGee only appears in 53 out of 82 episodes.

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