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Jack Murdock was a washed-up boxer and the father of Matt Murdock. He kept talking to his son about the importance of an education, and transmitted him strong values. However, he was secretly a beater for Fallon, the local mobster boss. One day, when Matt was coming back home, he took a shortcut, and saw his father beating a guy who owned money to Fallon. Jack saw him and stopped, but Matt fled and ran in front of a truck which was carrying radioactive isotopes, an accident that left him blind.

With his boxing clothes

Ashamed for what he had become and feeling guilty for his son's blindness, Jack decided to change his life: while his son was studying hard to have a better future than his, Jack restarted his boxing career, managing to reach the top once again. Just before a fight, however, Fallon contacted Murdock and told him to throw the match, claiming that Jack had only won the previous matches because Fallon owned the other boxers. Jack knew it was dangerous to disappoint the boss, and agreed. However, when he was about to lose on purpose, Jack saw his son in the crowd and, wanting not to break the agreement with him, rose up and beat his opponent. Immediately after the match, Murdock was reached by one of Fallon's men, a colossal giant who killed him with bare hands and then left a rose on his corpse. Jack's body was later found by Matt, who maintained his promise and kept up with his studies and became an advocate.[1]


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