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This Jack O'Lantern first appeared as being one of the many supervillains gathered by Lord Ogre with the aim of hunting down Philadelphia's newest hero, Venom.[1]

He attacked Venom's neighbor, Andi, and killed her father in an attempt to psychologically torture the vigilante. When he released a poisonous gas to kill Andi, Flash protected Andi with a portion of his symbiote, which ended up bonding with Andrea rather than only protecting her from her imminent death.[2]

Andi brutally attacked Jack O'Lantern for what he did to her father, but as soon as his mask was removed, Venom discovered the Jack O'Lantern he fought was nothing but an impostor, who proceeded to tell his story: He was an employee at a storage facility, and discovered a storage of Jack O'Lantern's robots, which hypnotized him into becoming a replacement for Jack while he was imprisoned.

Venom, Andi and the fake Jack O'Lantern continued fighting. Andi almost killed him, but Flash managed to reason with her, and prevented her from crossing that line. The impostor slipped into a coma not long after being taken into custody.[3]






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