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A petty criminal who stumbled across a cache of Jack O'Lantern's equipment, and opted to assume the identity to pursue a career as a supervillain and arms-dealer. While supplying a group of criminals with weapons he claimed were from Norman Osborn's armory, Jack O'Lantern was busted by a police sting. Shooting a cop while fleeing, Jack O'Lantern was attacked by Venom - whose symbiote went berserk and succumbed to the influence of a dark god, gouging out one of his eyes.[1]

Jack O'Lantern managed to escape, regaling a group of supervillain in the Bar with No Name with his encounter. As the group swapped stories of their own run-ins with Venom, Venom himself attacked and caused them all to flee.[2]

Months later, Jack O'Lantern was approached by one of Malekith's War Witches, who had also been maimed by Venom and offered Jack O'Lantern the power to seek revenge in exchange for serving her.[3] Jack O'Lantern attacked Venom and began to destroy the city, reveling in the power the Dreamstone gave him, but was ultimately defeated when he was struck by mystical lightning conjured by Venom using his own Dreamstone to emulate Thor. Stripped of the Dreamstone, Jack O'Lantern begged for mercy from Eddie, saying he was just a nobody who found the suit and equipment.[4]






  • Pistol: Jack was initially armed with a pistol, though this was presumably lost following his first altercation with Venom.[1]



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